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Jeff & Tammy Darling

Jeff & Tammy Darling

When Jeff and Tammy were shown LIFE, Jeff was definitely not looking as he was climbing the corporate ladder of a National Resort Development Company. With a B.S. in Recreation and Park Management from the University of Maine, Jeff was living his “dream” as he climbed his way to become Regional Manager of Operations (company got downsized) and then again up to the South East Regional Director of Sales and Marketing. He implemented several systems over 19 years that the company still benefits from this day. It took several months of promoting, but Jeff finally attended a seminar, saw the bigger picture, and committed to the LIFE training system. At the 19 year mark of Corporate America, Jeff was instructed to let go of 80% of his employee’s right before Christmas, and 1 month later was “downsized” himself. He filled the gap with 2 businesses (Real Estate Investments & Financial Consultant) that he owns today, but has learned through LIFE’s training system to operate, but keep focus on the main thing – helping others. Jeff and Tammy love to help and inspire others to reach the full potential that God gives everyone. Seeing teammates grow in their personal and professional lives and their relationships and spirituality is truly exciting to them. The future is bright as they help their teammates get their dreams, and help move LIFE to 1 million people.


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  1. Micah says:

    You all are a sharp couple! We’d like to hear more from you!! I bet you have great stories, along with a lot to offer the leadership community!! I can’t wait to hear more.

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